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Since 1953, AWP Plastics has been designing and manufacturing industrial solutions. Manufacturing products from a state of the art 120,000 square foot facility: 

With our experienced staff, sales, design and production departments, we are committed to providing:
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We approach each design with our "perfectionist attitude". Whether it's building a prototype, or producing a high volume run, we use our sixty years of knowledge and experience to expedite production, reduce price and improve lead times for our clients. Our consultative approach determines the best method of production. We guarantee your results !

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AWP offers the best in plastic fabrication and thermoforming plastic products.  We use state-of-the-art machinery and technology.  We have a highly precise CNC production process capable of creating anything from single-trial products or low-volume made-to-order parts to very large production runs.  We have a team of dedicated design and engineering experts to assist in all stages of product development from conceptualization to completion.  With our well-trained and experienced programming staff, we are capable of high-precision and efficient CNC machine operation at rapid speeds, thereby assuring a quick and cost-effective mode of product delivery.

We manage each design and create solutions with the highest degree of professionalism, craftsmanship and adherence to rigid quality standards. Our collaborative approach determines the method of plastic fabrication that best suits the customer’s requirement.  We have a team of design and engineering experts ready to assist in all stages of product development.  We can assign a project manager to be available for one-on-one client consultation and to maintain regular communication by consulting with the client at every stage of the project.  We conduct interviews with the client’s staff, even to the point of going to the client’s location if necessary to obtain additional information about the product.  With data on hand, we can transform the client’s design ideas into reality by converting a simple sketch into a 3-D computer model and rapid prototyping.  Our team of experts can satisfy the need for redesigns of existing components or entirely new products and can review the cost-effectiveness and manufacturing feasibility of the project design. With our established network of qualified suppliers, we can even help the client find the plastic material best suited to the component’s purpose and application.  Our CNC production process is capable of performing real-time product testing, adapting and making adjustments throughout the process to suit the client’s specific needs and applications, and producing a first class prototype.  Once the client is completely satisfied, whether building a prototype or producing a high-volume run, our CNC production process can take the entire project from conception and design to completion.  We use our extensive knowledge and experience to expedite production, reduce costs and improve lead times.

We can design and create a variety of plastic products such as boat windshields, POP displays, medical trays and cabinets, food packaging, electronic enclosure and large containment tanks for a wide range of industries.  In partnership with car designers and engineers, we have introduced successful innovations to a wide array of car parts traditionally made of metals such as iron and aluminum. We keep pace with advances in automotive design and technology, thus allowing us to produce car parts made entirely of plastic and composites ranging from simple designs of front and side airbags, head curtains, bumper systems and roofs to the intricate designs of anti-lock brakes and parabolic enclosures of halogen lights. With our high-precision thermoforming plastic technology and plastic fabrication process, we can assure delivery of quality products at low production costs, minimum tooling charges and a quick turnaround time.

From project inception to its completion, we offer only the highest level of service from our team of expert designers, engineers, CNC machine programmers and operators. We strive to meet, if not exceed, our client’s expectations. Our years of experience and expertise in quality plastic fabrication have earned us not only the loyalty of satisfied clients, but more importantly, the respect from our competitors, as well.