AWP Produces Thermoformed Plastic Trays For Lush

AWP Produces Thermoformed Plastic Trays For Lush

At AWP we manufacture, design and fabricate a wide variety of thermoformed plastic products for our North American clients from our production facility located in Surrey, British Columbia. We are capable of fabricating a wide variety of thermoformed plastic products such as custom packaging trays, dunnage trays, and other handling trays that can hold a variety of materials for both, unique and common applications.

AWP had an exciting opportunity to work with Lush on their Valentine Day’s promotional line. Lush approached us with their custom tray designs for a 100% recyclable banana plastic tray, as well as a strawberry tray. We were eager to fabricate the custom thermoformed plastic trays to their specified custom designs.

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These plastic trays are used to form products into whatever shape is being used at the time.

The use of the trays helps to eliminate deficiencies from manually forming the item. The use of these trays also ensures that each item is uniform with the next.

Have you ever wondered the process of a thermoformer?

First, you have start with an idea. Once you have the concept, comes the mold.

Prefer a step-by-step? Keep reading:

Manufacturing Process For The Thermoformed Plastic Trays:

  1. Created mold out of the existing plastic tray
  2. Utilized 3D Printer To Scan
  3. Fabrication of “male” part
  4. Combined components to make the mold
  5. Use of plastic thermoforming machine to form cavities

How we created the mold out of the existing plastic tray

Lush sent AWP their current 4 Banana cavities tray and 5 Strawberry cavities tray in hopes we could replicate the designs. To create thermoformed plastic, each tray would need to have a male cavity mold. Since we didn’t have the original molds used to make the trays, we needed to be creative.

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What is the most efficient and effective way to replicate the plastic trays?

We tried multiple casting products, but all failed. The biggest problems with the casting of the products was, that they were cracking before any of the mold making could begin or by getting stuck in the tray, making that thermoformed plastic tray useless.

The moment that changed everything!

Our plastic divisions’ manager had an epiphany, we could send the trays to a 3D printer for them to be scanned. Using the printer program, we could reverse the image and make the male cavity mold. We received a sample of each cavity mold and a mock-up of the prototype to make sure the material will hold up to the heat of the Vacuum Former.


With the success of using the 3D printer, we commissioned them to make 10 strawberry molds and 8 banana male cavity molds. Reaching out to our community was the missing ingredient and turned out better than we could have hoped for.  

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AWP is excited to manufacture your custom designed thermoformed products. Our capabilities and modern plastic fabrication technologies allow for the fabrication of a wide range of products – anywhere from shipping trays and automation trays over friction fit plastic assemblies and drip trays to custom retail packaging. We can also produce plastic products that meet your specific requirements, such as custom material thickness, impact resistance, chemical resistance or the production of antistatic plastic products.

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