CNC Punching Machine

Depending on the gauge and material size, AWP’s CNC Strippit punching machine can fulfill all of your punching needs. Depending on the part complexity and patch size, our CNC punching not only offers cost-effective profiling solutions but has the ability to punch all types of geometric configurations that include circles, rectangles, squares and more. Our AWP process allows modules to be programmed quickly, accurately and ensures no delays in production. Rapid processing speeds reduce operating costs and deliver the needed quality at a great price. Call us to discuss your punching needs.

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Our Strippit CNC punching machine can punch up to ¼” thick material depending on the type of material.

Length, Width & Depth

Our Strippit can punch sheets from a few inches to 10’ in length.


The machine can punch holes at a rate of up to 300 punch/min


We work with the following materials; aluminum (all alloys), brass, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, pre-galvanized steel, pre-finished steel, titanium and zinc.

Run Volume

We can produce prototypes, small, medium and large runs


Our semi-automatic punching machine has a 25 ton capacity.