CNC Router – 5 Axis and 3 Axis

AWP Plastics utilizes these CNC Router machines which cut and form material such as plastic and composite materials.  Routing is a process of shaping or forming materials to any given shape in two or three dimensional configurations.  The spindles on these machines will rotate at speeds up  to 22,000 rpm.

AWP offers formed or cut parts made of wood or plastic within .002” precision. The parts can be as small as  1” x 1” flat or 3-dimensions and as large as 4’ x 8’ high of any shape.

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As thin as .025”

Length, Width & Depth

Our routers are capable in routering parts up to 8’ in length and up to 4’ wide. Our routers are capable of routing up to 24” in depth


With a top speed of 22,000 rpm, and 5-7 preset tool changes, our machine can move at a very high speed depending on the material thickness and material used.

Run Volume

Everything from prototypes, small, medium and large runs.