Plastic (sheet) Fabrication

We at AWP have all that it takes to make it happen. Our design team has the expertise to design and program our CNC machines required for any projects. We approach any customer ideas with professionalism. Our skilled and capable staff can work with a simple hand sketch to a complex multi-part product. We stock or buy the materials for specific products. AWP has the ability to fabricate from a flat plastic sheet by cutting, punching, router usage, heat bending, forming, hot-stamping and packaging to any customer’s specifications.

We are a cut above the rest in the plastic (sheet) fabrication industry—and we intend to stay that way as long as there are customers like you, who require precision, quality, professionalism, expert staff, and use of the latest technology and manufacturing facilities equipped with only the most advanced machinery.

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CNC Laser Cutter

For high-speed accurate cutting, we have the CNC Laser Cutter, a more economical alternative to milling.  This workhorse can take anything—even irregular shapes and sizes of up to 10 feet long and 5 feet wide.  Depending on the properties of the material, our machine can cut up to 1½ inches thick of material, with speeds of up to 300 inches per minute.

CNC Punching Machine

For cost-effective profiling of your plastic parts, we have the latest CNC Punching Machine. This machine can be programmed to effectively create almost any shape imaginable, including circles, squares, rectangles, and many more.  What makes the CNC Punching Machine highly efficient is its capability for multi-part nesting, creating the optimum layout of parts on a given size of the plastic sheet.  As a result, the material yield is maximized while limiting the waste material produced.

Thermoforming Machine

Thermoforming plastic is a highly flexible method that requires inexpensive tooling. The thermoforming machine is capable of working with practically all thermoplastic materials in various thicknesses. It can be used for prototypes to medium- and high-volume production runs. After the thermoforming process, we can fabricate the product to any configuration, no matter how detailed the design, while still ensuring a perfect fit with other components.

We have what it takes to produce complete solutions for even the most complex custom products. Our consistently high levels of quality and accuracy, lowest price, and shortest possible lead times.

The AWP Difference

Tell us your needs, and we can breathe life into your ideas. For starters, you can describe your concept or show us your hand sketches or a sample product. From there, our designers, whose talents and skills have been gained from long years of experience in plastic fabrication, will generate the corresponding 3-D model and technical drawings after introducing refinements and improvements to your original design in order to increase its efficiency and functionality.  Using our extensive knowledge of plastics, we go the extra mile by ensuring that the final design will be fabricated with the best plastic material that suits your specifications while using the most efficient production solutions. The prototype will be developed once you are completely satisfied with the part design.

We work as a team, and you and your staff are part of that team.  Our lines of communication are always open, giving you regular updates on the status of your project from its inception up to its delivery.  All of our employees, from the project manager and the design and mechanical engineers down to the machinists, understand the entire production process and are all highly trained in the use of the latest design and manufacturing technologies.  With our complete collection of automated, high-speed, high-volume production machinery that includes vacuum forming, pressure forming, twin sheet forming, CNC laser cutting and CNC profiling, we can afford to offer fabrication services at competitive costs.

Over the years, we have successfully fabricated a wide range of quality plastic parts for various industries. Some examples are point-of-purchase displays, fixtures, automotive parts, and medical trays and carts.

We are a one-stop shop for all of your plastic fabrication needs. This includes plastic sheets, manufactured to the highest standards and brought to you at a low price.