From Concept to Completion

AWP design and production cycles are meticulous in their very nature. We begin any concept with a basic hand illustration of the item. After that, we eventually graduate to a 3-dimensional CAD drawing or “Solid works” concept. Ultimately, these processes will lead to a completed manufactured product. Call us for all of your design and production needs.

At AWP Plastics, we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations.  Our custom plastic design & fabrication philosophy is all about innovation and a commitment to excellence.  We believe in offering design assistance that improves your products.  We use top-of-the-line machinery and the latest advances in technology. Our high-precision CNC production process is capable of fabricating anything from single prototypes or low-volume custom parts to large production runs. We require the highest degree of professionalism and strict adherence to quality plastic manufacturing standards from our designers, engineers, and programming and production staff. Our highly precise and efficient CNC machine operation is supplemented by accurate record keeping of production times and processes. This assures a high-quality product with a quick and cost-effective mode of product delivery.

Custom Plastic Design

We take pride in being the leader in the plastic fabrication industry when it comes to thermoforming products. Our claim is supported by extensive experience in plastic design and engineering, together with a complete assembly of the most advanced thermoforming machines.  From twin sheets to pressure or vacuum forming, we have the capability to form practically any size and configuration of plastic products and components from the thinnest films to sheets as thick as 0.50 inches. We can handle a variety of materials, including acrylic, HIPS, ABS, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polypropylene, APET, PVC and many more.  Our state-of-the-art thermoforming process, applied to both prototypes and high-volume runs, enables us to produce high-quality thermoformed plastic products with low production costs and faster turnaround.

We offer cost-effective profiling solutions for all of our customers’ punching needs. We can program our CNC punching machine to create all types of geometric patterns, including circles, rectangles, squares and more. Depending on the part intricacy, patch size to be produced, and the gauge and size of the material used. Our machine has the capacity for high-precision processing at rapid speeds, thus reducing operating costs and delivering the required quality product on time.
Our CNC Laser Cutter is perfect for high-precision cutting. It is capable of producing highly intricate cut patterns and changing component designs easily. We laser cut acrylic, mylar, polypropylene, polyester, and several thin film laminates. Our CNC Laser Cutter is ideal for quick and efficient cutting with low set-up costs and no tooling costs whatsoever.

AWP Plastics Standards

We produce quality custom products for all industrial applications, including POP displays, fixtures, automotive parts, medical trays, and carts.  No project is too small or too large for us, and we guarantee full product and service satisfaction.

Our extensive experience in custom plastic design & fabrication and our hands-on approach to solving our customers’ designing problems is what sets us apart from industry standards. We can transform your design ideas into reality by converting a simple sketch into a 3-D computer model and rapid prototyping. Our team of experts will also review your design for cost-effectiveness and manufacturing feasibility. We even help you find the plastic material best suited to your component’s purpose and application.  We will apply our detailed knowledge and experience to your project, thereby assuring you of a first-class prototype.

Our collaborative approach determines the method of fabrication that best guarantees full customer satisfaction. We strive to create a good connection between our staff and the client by consulting with the client at every stage of the project.  Then our team of in-house experts will start with a basic manual sketch of the item. After this step, we eventually convert it to a 3-dimensional computer model and present it to the client for review and approval. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to expedite production, reduce costs and improve lead times for our client.

We Are…

…the industry leader in product quality and service delivery. In the automotive industry alone, our partnership with car designers and engineers produced successful innovations to a broad spectrum of car parts traditionally made of materials other than plastic. We keep in stride with advances in car manufacturing technology. This allows us to produce automotive parts entirely made of plastic, ranging from a simple lightweight roof or a sturdy car bumper to the intricate parabolic shape of a halogen light container.

As a respected member of the custom plastic design & fabrication industry, it has been our goal to build a lasting relationship with our customers.  Toward this end, we guarantee full product and customer service satisfaction. From project inception to completion, we offer only the highest level of service from our team of expert designers, engineers, CNC machine programmers, and operators, to ensure that your experience with us is pleasant, productive and satisfying.

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