Metal Fabrication – General custom sheet metal fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Canada

AWP Fabricators are well known for fabricating custom products in Canada.  In most cases, materials used for custom sheet metal fabrication include stainless steel, sheet metal and pre-galvanized steel, all alloys, all strength of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and in some cases, brass or copper.

sheet metal fabrication

To ensure high quality work, fabricators should operate specialized machines like CNC fabrication machines. Computer Numerical Control or CNC fabrication machines used for the process of fabrication will always ensure accuracy.  Apart from CNC machines, companies also hold a good collection of other specialized machines like robotic welders.  Robotic welders are not only accurate, but have a rotating wrist that enables it to perform a variety of extended range of motions, which makes it easy to weld hidden areas

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