Plastic Fabrication

AWP manages each plastic fabrication design and creates solutions with the highest degree of professionalism, craftsmanship, and adherence to rigid quality standards. Our collaborative approach determines the method of plastic fabrication that best suits the customer’s requirement.  We have a team of design and engineering experts ready to assist in all stages of product development.  We can assign a project manager to be available for one-on-one client consultation. This is to maintain regular communication by consulting with the client at every stage of the project.  We conduct interviews with the client’s staff, even to the point of going to the client’s location. This way, if necessary, we’ll be able to obtain additional information about the product.

Plastic design and prototyping

With data on hand, we can transform the client’s design ideas into reality by converting a simple sketch into a 3-D computer model and rapid prototyping.  Our team of experts can satisfy the need for redesigns of existing components or entirely new products. That way we can review the cost-effectiveness and manufacturing feasibility of the project design. With our established network of qualified suppliers, we can even help the client find the plastic material best suited to the component’s purpose and application. This way we can ensure the best quality.

Plastic CNC production

Our CNC production process is capable of performing real-time product testing, adapting and making adjustments throughout the process. This way we can suit the client’s specific needs and applications and produce a first-class prototype.  Once the client is completely satisfied, whether building a prototype or producing a high-volume run, our CNC production process can take the entire project from conception and design to completion.  We use our extensive knowledge and experience to expedite production, reduce costs and improve lead times.