Thermoforming Plastic Products

Thermoforming Plastic Products

The following is a our plastic sample section.  This section shows examples of our plastic thermoforming and plastic products fabrication services.

AWP specializes in fabricating and thermoforming custom plastic products, and for years we have consistently provided high-quality, on-time, cost-effective and innovative solutions to our clients’ thermoforming & plastic fabrication projects.  We offer precision, quality, professionalism, expert staff, modern machinery, and the use of the latest technology.  Entrust your custom plastic project to us, and we will provide you with a solution that fits your specifications to a “T”!  With AWP, expect only the highest standard of service that you deserve, from your project’s inception all the way to its completion.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest light-gauge and heavy-gauge thermoforming machines that are capable of producing simple to complex precision-formed components.  We fabricate see-through boxes, foam trays, and plastic plates to brackets, automotive parts, and industrial plastic tanks.  Our collection of continuous and cut sheet thermoforming machines can produce plastic products with consistent quality using a wide range of clear, custom-colored or translucent thermoformed materials of various densities.  We pay close attention to details, and to us every project is unique. Combining the skills and expertise of our staff with these capabilities ensures precision plastic fabrication and accuracy in production.  We use quality materials and quality processes.  We always strive to meet customer specifications, thus allowing us to serve the needs of various industries, including automotive, transportation, packaging, medical/dental, retail, electronics, electronics, entertainment, and more.

Plastic Fabrication & Thermoforming Processes

The plastic fabrication & thermoforming processes offer solutions to projects that require strict tolerances and sharp attention to details.  We offer vacuum, pressure and twin sheet thermoforming; each process provides specific benefits.  Vacuum forming is applicable for large-sized plastic parts with low-volume requirements.  A more advanced version of thermoforming is pressure thermoforming, which provides greater detail to large components, much like injection molding but with lesser tooling costs.  The twin sheet thermoforming process can produce extremely strong and rigid parts even with varying material thickness and colors. We can thermoform materials such as HIPS ABS, PP, HPDE, PVC, acrylic, and PETG.

Compared to injection molding

… automated thermoforming is a more economical process even for large production runs, since there is much less tooling and lower production times. This is resulting in a significant reduction in cumulative costs of parts.  These savings are passed on to our customers, thereby enabling us to offer thermoforming plastic products at a competitive price.

Our employees understand the entire production process in thermoforming. That’s why they work as a team to ensure the success of each project.  At the start, you can present your paper drawings or sample parts to the project engineer. It doesn’t matter if what you have is only an idea; our engineers and designers will sit down with you and transform it into a reality.  Our years of experience in working with plastics have provided us with extensive knowledge of their properties.  We will make sure that the methods of production and types of materials used fit the exact requirements of your project.

Custom Design

In finalizing the design, we provide you with viable options aimed at boosting your bracket’s functionality and hastening its development.  As a value-added service, we will put our proven techniques and methods of production to work for your project.  We will create a 3-D model with the accompanying technical drawings. Our competency includes in-house tooling and rapid prototyping.  Once you approve of the final design, production immediately starts.

As a leader in the fabrication industry, AWP’s goal is to offer you the best in everything in the shortest possible time.  We will be with you throughout the entire project cycle.  We will meet and even exceed your expectations.

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Plastic Thermoforming Examples

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